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Lizenzbedingungen (Deutsch)

what exactly does my creative commons license mean for you?

Creative Commons License

give me credits for the part that I've contributed. In most cases that would be the lyrics of your song, hence "Lyrics: Bernd Harmsen". Possibly you have altered the text. In this case I trust you with deciding if your contribution constitutes a relevant part of the rewritten lyrics or not. If it does, let's just make it a 50:50 share of credits (and royalties if applicable). Shifting or replacing a few words, leaving out parts, or repeating others are changes that I would NOT consider substantial, yet writing new verses, replacing the chorus, or adding a bridge and pre-choruses I would. To define the respective percentages of our shared contributions more specifically than 50:50 doesn't make much sense in my view, so let us keep things simple.

non-commercial use only. Quite obviously, if you make real money with songs that have my lyrics that would be commercial. Yet you should not overlook that other people may make money with the stuff we've created together. YouTube, Facebook etc. are commercial services that make money with advertising. They use our stuff to remain exciting and keep people interested. Nonetheless, I explicitly allow you to post my lyrics/your songs on such internet sites.

Public performances are also commercial. The organizers may not pay you for your performance yet they make money with your help, if only by selling more beer than without your live act. That's commercial. Also, they actually do pay fees to the performing rights organisation (PRO) of your country, regardless whether you cover songs or play your own. This is why I require the registration of our songs with a PRO if you want to perform them. I also expect my partners to file their set lists with their country's PRO so royalties can be attributed correctly (which should be in their own interest). I am a member of the German PRO called GEMA. It doesn't really matter if you are in a PRO, yet the songs must be registered anyway. If you are foreign I will see to the registration here in Germany. To be able to do this I need the details of the songs: title, your name (and the names of other participating composers), duration, and when they were first published or performed.

if you use my lyrics to create songs or maybe also better lyrics let's keep on sharing the results with others in the very same manner. Maybe somebody else creates a top hit using our lyrics and compositions. But I would be fine if you tagged your CC license ND (meaning: no derivatives, i.e. no changes).


in other words:
you may

you must register resulting songs with your country's PRO (performing rights organization) and/or let me do it for you in Germany if you...

you must ask my permission if you...



My IP Nummer (Creator-Id) is 00673391327 (IPI = interested party information); the number may be used to retrieve registered works via the ISWC database

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