Feedback on my songs

garden of grief
I think the lyric is great! At first I didn't care for the melody line, as it's fairly bland, but after some listening I changed my mind. The verses, choruses and bridges (if I've identified the sections correctly) have an interesting variation between them. And keeping the melody line unobtrusive showcases the lyric and helps it to shine. And the lyric really is the important part here...

I read the lyrics and really liked them. Simple, good flow, tell a good story and maintain a theme - what's not to like?
Then I started listening and enjoyed some awesome guitar, and I like how it fits the lyrics closely - enjoying it over the 'Ive come to kiss you awake' verse, and how it drops and picks back up.

Great lyrics ....give the songs a lot of energy.
The guitars have a great live feel.
Reminds me of the early Jam and Small Faces.
Bags of potential

Hey Bernd. I really liked this. Sort of an early eighties indie feel to it. Love the ringing guitars. Maybe your vocals could be a bit louder.

chat me up, turn me down
This is brilliant, I have no suggestions.
At most you could arrange the tune a bit better, but the fundamental components of the tune are done.
J. Garcia

This is a killer little song! Great energy and a simple yet powerful lyric.
I personally love the raw garage band energy. If you can capture that in a professional demo you would have a sweet gem of a song.
Cool vocal and all around great work!

Sometimes simple is best and you have proven it with this tune. I love the lyric and melody.

Great guitar riff and hooky chorus.
Would be interesting to hear it as a full-on in-your face production track.
But even as is I'm sold on the song as a song!

Good potential, Bernd. Agree with other comments but generally a decent rock song and some good ideas
one day later:
Actually, this is a really catchy song. Have been humming away since my first listen!


that girl got balls
This was a lot of fun, Bernd, and it was nice to see you singing it in person. ;)
A creative, energetic piece, with a catchy melody.
Nice work. :)


where shall we end up
Excellent job on the lyrics and the music sounds good to me.
Nice guitar work.

Liked the sound of this one Bernd. Really moved along. A good early morning listen for me

liking this one and it does have the sound of those great mid-60s rock and roll


Hey, this is cool, a cerebral funk piece. Odd accents chop and change under eccentrically delivered declamations. A polite anarchy of compositional construction is held in focus by a hypnotically compelling bass line. Again, this music is real stoned lounge music, I'm feeling so laid back in my soft chair, very appropriate for this low key show. Weirdly cool man,,,, dig,

Cool imagery in these lyrics. Can't help but reflect on such poignant topics as I follow along. Interesting riffs and structures too. Nice job.

Nice - quirky nice!
Liking that guitar riff! Bravo!

Really like the riffs & dark music overall, Bernd.
Stark imagery in the lyrics, and a suitably thought-provoking video.

Catchy groove and dark, thoughtful lyrics - what a great combination! Nice work!


some time way back in the past
Catchy quirky punctuated groove, somewhat eccentric creation here, very creative, reminds me of the Talking Heads a bit, but really quite individual - I've never heard anything quite like this. Engaging use of rhythm and riffs in this oddly compelling composition, where the slightly mad music seems to perfectly match the spaced out lyrics. Love the offbeat ending - in fact love the offbeat originality of all of this


terminal disease
Hi Bernd,
Just now heard your latest song. I love the music, beats, and singing. Are you the singer/musician..You have loads of talent!! I enjoyed the song, and it is fantastic!!!
Stars are brilliant,

strange and oddly enchanting. A bit of a one off, this fella. SWAG love Bernd Harmsen
(note: I am very proud of this one since SWAG is a grand British rock band)


hot stuff
Hey there..............that's some pretty : 'hot stuff' you got there!
Really love the sound of that guitar!!

Reminds me of the aerosmith get your wings. lots to like about this song. Great lyrics and melody.

Cool hot rocking here .. enjoyed.


shall I live
I luv the Sense Of power You Have with Your Music/Productions with This Piece íShall I liveí Thereís No Interuption in The flow Of the Music/Melody Iím diggin that....;0
When You sing Bernd Youre convincing Which makes You Unique In Your Own right..:)
***This is A tight Production**

A dark little ditty of a song and strangely compelling. I liked it.
(note: being acknowledged by professional musicians certainly adds some salt)


spill blood
Good structure. Good rhyming pattern. I like the guitar solo.
Strong chorus...
Overall, good hard rock song.


drunken night
Hi Bernd. I was really drawn in by the lyrics of this song as they are really strong and I related to them instantly. I also really like the sort of "spoken word" style that you employ here in singing the song. It's almost as if you're acting out the character and I found it to be a unique element. The guitar work was also solid and really added another level of enjoyment to the song. Nice job.

I am hearing an edgy song...I like it.
The melody is quite attractive.

Hey, that's a nice guitar riff -- has that Jimi Hendrix feel to it...

... I really like this music and guitar sound. In this song the guitars sound is heart touching.

No doubt, I have been through nights like that too! Many, many nights like that. I like the sound of your guitars on this.


who I am
This song has a lot of potential. Some good lyrics and solid melodies. Like the music. Good work.

Good structure. Good melody. Good write.


what use are colors
What a cool track man! It has hints of so many things I like...
Your guitar was cool now just find the right vocalist to give this a crack, that will naturally strengthen the whole thing... You could mess with the timing here there to make it tighter but DO NOT do so if it loses the cool live vibe. Sometimes in between is hard, either be really tight or kinda loose.
All the best that was nice musical surprise. Could be made into a monster track for sure ...


glad that you're here
Yes, this is a pleasant song. A very refreshing sound, liked it all... GOOD JOB !

This is neat, different and neat! Very intriguing, and I just love the feel of this one. Poetic and it works. Thanks for sharing.

Bernd, at first I wasn't sure about it, then I listened to it again. Nice, very sweet, relaxing. I like the words a lot, very different. Good job. God Bless


you were my dream
Hey good riffs are sometimes hard to come by -- that's a good riff.


sense of recognition
I like the way you put this song together. Very tight production, the guitar answering every line, it just sounds great. Very good job all the way around.

Hello Bernd, I like this song, man - got a dramatic feel to it. Sort of a Floyd meets Kraftwerk kind of thing. Nice one

Top of the morning, Bernd - I listened to this song several days ago and itís stayed on my mind ever since, and thatís a pretty high compliment from me because I tend to bounce around like a ping-pong ball on a sugar rush lol Iíve actually had it on my mind to compliment you on it, I just havenít been able to get back to the strand. The thematic vehicle that youíve hatched here is brilliant and I love the way that you just hop in it and drive around...
Good work on this one, Bernd - Iím very glad that you shared it.

That was an interesting piece. It is a bit different from the norm. Iíll be listening to it again. Good job.

Hello Bernd,
Iíve just got around to listening to this and really liked it - it has something about it that I really like, but I canít put my finger on it yet! Iíll have to have another listen when Iíve got a bit more time (things are a bit busy here at the moment).
Nice one


warm voice , i like the vocal mastering it is original, guitar sing well too, outro is excellent but song is short


Hey Bernd, you translated the story to lyric very well, has a Greek epic vibe going on but thankfully not the longevity, I was surprised how well it worked as a folk song and I should not have been, folk has been the vehicle for telling such stories for generations, in fact it's how a lot of old stories have survived, very good, enjoyed it,

Thanks for opening my eyes to the story of Ganymede. A friend of mine produced a play about Heracles & the Hydra a number of years back and it sparked in interest in these things. As Tony mentioned you did a really good job with conversion, and Iím thinking that folk was the perfect choice for this one. You are a really talented songwriter.

I like what I'm hearing on this song. You seem to have a very good base on all of your songs - these tunes would be excellent if they were done with a full band of seasoned musicians. I am adding this one to my faves!
(note: he did...)

Cool story telling. Is this from a classic tale? It sounds a little familiar to me. Nice guitar work as well. I do believe the quality of your recordings should be better just for esthetic reason and for enjoyment purposes. You music derserves it.
(note: there is some criticism on my performance here, but then it's Lodato again - he's a professional, he's supposed to know)


no future - no past
Very nice. It reminds me of "Sgt. Pepper"'s songs a bit, like "When I'm 64". Very pleasant to listen to. The lyrics are very mature. One can see you've got some experience left behind.


you are the light
Cool guitar hook and I like the way you used it with and around the vocals. Some good lyrics too.


I absolutely love it, and the vocal are perfect for it, great strumming ... just a perfect folk song that will someday be part of the traditional genre I think .... Perfect !!!

LOL, I feel like I've been to a history class -- but luckily the professor was exciting and fun and made the past come alive. I applaud your choice of topics and recording tunes like this -- it is mighty cool.


rows in a row
It was a pleasant surprise to have such a "rock and roll" song. It sounds like you had a lot of fun putting this together. One of the trademarks of "Rolling Stones" types of songs (I am putting this one in that category) is the interplay between the guitars, or maybe better called: the multi-layering of guitars...
Fun stuff, with just a little work, it could sound really good...

nice rock'n roll guitars. There are moments when they're not exactly on time, though, but that's no deal breaker as a pro production can take care of that. i quite like the style (Stones, yes)...
That's a good story. You already have most of the lines to tell it well. But you may want to give us the information in another order, so the story is clearer. Your song has potential...


Good morning, love
Hi Bernd, Nice melody you have here. I really enjoyed your guitar break too. I wish there had been more of that, in fact.


listen to the river
Hi Bernd, thanks for doing something very different for on here and using other influences and inspirations for your songs...
As a piece of art music I quite like it, even though I don't like Yes or a lot of other prog rock groups. It has some decent melodies in a melancholy fashion, slightly reminiscent of Peter Hammil...

Yes very different ! -- I really enjoy your guitar playing and the small picking runs.... very pleasing work in that regard.

Hello Bernd The musical arrangement is great and Joice is right about those guitar runs.
Just an outstanding song.

Bernd, Refreshing. I enjoyed listening to something different and original. I like the hook, "listen to the river". And the spiritual bent of the song.
Good job.