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lyrics are the face of a song*  
*Steven Tyler, Does the noise in my head bother you, New York, 2012, p.343: "I think that the face of a song is whatever the lyrics are..."


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Most are in the collection the Lot (2nd edition published Jan. 19th, 2014). 60 new ones are compiled in Still there'll be more
In addition, the archive provides links to former versions of the current lyrics page that you see on the top of this page.
I am proud of my lyrics writing. Fortunately, there seem to be quite a few others who like them as well. Read some reviews if you like.
And of course quite a few of my lyrics "live" in other people's songs. Care for some references?


My songs

I am not a musician and I don't play the guitar particularly well. Nonetheless, I enjoy writing and playing my own songs. I regard most of my own recordings as "rough demos". My presentations are often admittedly lousy, it's the ideas behind them that I'd like to direct your attention to. There have been friendly reviews, though. My hope is that sometime a rock band or a folksinger will 'cover' my songs.
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BTW: both RockBernd, the bad guy, and FolkBernd, the nice guy, are on Facebook
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Creative Commons License
My lyrics and songs are licensed under a Creative Commons License which states that all my stuff is free for all to use non-commercially (note, that thus all my lyrics are nonexclusive as well). I only ask you to credit me for my part in the resulting work, i.e. as its lyricist (" Lyrics: Bernd Harmsen"), or maybe as its composer as well if applicable. If you alter my creations you may distribute the lyrics or songs under the very same conditions, adapting the credits accordingly by adding your name as co-author or composer.

If you intend to perform songs with my lyrics publicly, produce a CD or DVD, or sell songs either contact me or check out my more detailed information on license.htm (English) or lizenz.htm (Deutsch), respectively.

Should you be interested in collaborating with me simply send me an email: