leaving traces

we speak their law, we use their words
although their buildings crumble
their ancient roads still lead the way
on which we walk and stumble
whole nations speak a language
that very much is theirs
much more than we may think
we are the Romans' heirs

they've left their traces
over many places
unfazed by different cultures, different races
they've left their traces

a Facebook page, a mail account
that have been left deserted
unanswered posts on several boards
that look like ill concerted
a man who once was bustling
thriving, vivid, blithe
silenced now forever
in his prime of life

he's leaving traces
over many places
postings, pictures, thoughts in hyperspaces
he's leaving traces

a proud old man, a baby boy
his long-awaited grandson
descendant, heir to a long line
who will in the long run
set up his separate family
pass on his genes and name
maybe eventually
he'll even come to fame

he's leaving traces
over many places
the ancestry showing in their faces
he's leaving traces

we're here on earth for a short visit
we're doing well to make the most of it
bringing forth human achievements
so future generations benefit

we're leaving traces
all over the places
intended, unintended, in all cases
we're leaving traces