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Folk Bernd live at home

After a restaurant owner had asked me if I was interested in performing in his venue in 2017 I had begun creating a little video series "Folk Bernd live at home" to showcase my setlist so interested parties could see what to expect (not too much, I'm afraid, but anyway...). Meanwhile I performed three times, at a fourth date nobody(!) showed up, so my companion and I just played for ourselves and two of his friends he had called.

This year there might be one or to performances in the summer. Since I have to rehearse regularly so my fingers don't hurt when performing ("pale plump Paula", my 12-string, can put quite a strain on untrained fingers) I hope to acquire a few more concerts. That's why I have expanded my setlist and published a few more "Folk Bernd live at home" videos and songs.

You can find the songs on my playlist, or the videos on my YouTube channel:
Folk Bernd live at home: Joy

All lyrics that I've written to date

The observant visitor might have noticed that the label of the first link on the blue line above is singular now: "my lyrics collection". The "s" is missing. That is because now all 545 lyrics are in one single file.

I have modified quite a few of the song texts. Some have been completely rewritten , others just edited to improve the flow or add some eloquence. I also had to do the odd correction. The diction now is British English (throughout? Not sure) and I've often omitted superfluous words like "yeah", "well" etc. that the musicians/singers can easily insert themselves should an additional syllable be needed.

Anyway: should you have filed oneor more older lyrics collections by me just replace them with this new, completed and updated version:

20 years (Lyrics by Bernd Harmsen since 1999)

My new lyrics collection - current status

I combined the three separate collections* in a new one, added the lyrics I have written since, replaced the rewritten ones, and also edited quite a few. Next I formatted the alphabetically arranged lyrics so there is one text per page. Some needed columns, for others I used a slightly smaller font, in a few cases I needed both measures to make them fit on a page. This makes it easy to count and thus checking for completeness and possible dublicates since I changed a few titles over the years. Things look good: there should be 545 song lyrics - and I've got 545 pages :-)

to my advance - time to advance

I have begun gathering my new lyrics and rewrites since March 2017, and combining them together with my former separate lyrics collections into one comprehensive collection. Doing this I also read and check each text to correct or modify it where necessary or desirable. For example, I just changed a title from "to my advance" into "time to advance". The original text went:

I must use the time to my advance
I must not screw up this one-time chance
this could be the start of our romance
must use the time to my advance

The expression "to my advance" was meant as a 'creative' combination of "I should advance" and "to my advantage". But I'm afraid it could come across as a simple mistake - "advance" instead of "advantage". That's why I changed the song's title and chorus to "time to advance":

I must use the time to advance
and not screw up this one-time chance
make this the start of our romance
must use the time to advance

(before "to" a little rest should be provided to make the first line match the meter: "I must use the time _ to advance...").

I expect quite a few more rewrites and corrections in the course of the process. There are more than 500 lyrics to edit, many of which I hardly remember.

love to dust

I needed yet more lyrics for my track 2018-08. It only has room for two verses in a blues manner - 16(!) bar blues. Browsing my 'scrap book' I found a text that I could easily adapt. The sketches became "love to dust":

you're the coldest of all fishes, when I'm ready you are not
with your thousand special wishes, your rejection when I'm hot
I can't tell you how I'm feeling, but then, I guess, I must
you're the last nail in my coffin, you've turned our love to dust
love to dust

with your overheated temper you are cooling down my lust
to your fury as you enter I'm not able to adjust
I can't tell you how I'm feeling, but then, I guess, I must
you're the last nail in my coffin, you've turned our love to dust
love to dust