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at a loss for words yet again

I finished the backing track for yet another Rock Bernd title. A rather different piece, very percussive... Next I will play a solo. Then I will sing it. If I find matching words, that is. But I'm quite confident ;-)

This is how I will go about it:
- listen to the chorus several times to determine how many lines of text and how many words fit in;
- listen to the verse...
- listen to the bridge

Note, that the chorus comes first. It's the most important part of the song because it sticks out musically and is repeated several times. Thus it coveys, or tries to convey, what the song is all about. WHAT exactly this song will be about I'll decide on the way. It normally depends on the mood the music triggers in me.

The verses just fill the song with 'stuff', a story, a situation, or just thoughts that lead to the conclusion provided in the chorus.

The bridge can be the hardest part. It should provide some new angle or a twist to the story. I'm not too confident with writing lyrical bridges, actually...