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If my web site looks crap...

... try deleting the "s" after "http" from the URL. That is try using instead of

Okay, I'm bone-lazy. I've thought about changing my web site since ages. My entries hardly deal with the lyrics writing process anymore so the title does not fit any longer. I had said all there is to say about lyrics writing from my point of view and begun repeating myself. Now, what I'm doing most of the time is publishing my latest completed lyrics, or trying to promote my music. Therefore, I guess I should adapt the site accordingly. And, obviously, modernize its look since the old fashioned "serendipity" template doesn't work properly with the now encrypted standard protocol https instead of http (not, that I will ever understand why all that banalities on the web need to be encrypted).

I'll keep it in mind. But I will take my time. Writing new lyrics and music is more fun than tinkering about with my web site.