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Spotify, iTunes,Youtube, Amazon... It's out there!

Rock-hard & Soul is 'out there'. You can stream the songs on Spotify or iTunes (and many other portals), or buy it from Amazon or CD-Baby.

To give you an idea how much money an 'artist' (including all the other people or the label involved) 'makes' from streams and sales per song:

CD-Baby - $0.90 (download)
Amazon - $0.80 (download)

Spotify - $0.002
iTunes - $0.001
Youtube - $0.001
Facebook - $0.000

On average, you need 1,000 streams to earn one dollar. My first four 'albums' made $3.50 (that I won't ever see in my pocket because transferring the money would cost more than that). Should you actually like a particular song maybe you should consider buying a download. Thank you and

Rock on!