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If there's no money in it do it for the praise

Y'all know that there is no money in creating music. Maybe if you perform live regularly you get your gear paid, but that's about it. "Collecting" the fractions of US cents from Spotify, iTunes, or Youtube (0.03 cent from Spotify per stream, 0.01 from Youtube - but only if it comes with ads) would take longer than an ordinary man's life span to make any sense. So, why do we keep up creating songs, posting them on the internet, and expectantly observing the access rates... Coud it be for praise - if not money?

I love being praised - but then, who doesn't ;-) The other day a long years songwriting partner from the US wrote to me:
"I've always liked your unconventional style of writing. I think that when the words are interesting and well-written like yours, it makes the song and melody more interesting."
Reactions and comments like that keep me going! Simple as that.


three verses

The lyrics don't look finished at all, but somehow feel complete to me. I have no idea yet what to make of them:

silently the forest lake lies in the morning mist
an early bird sings his song about a life of bliss
I close my eyes to see you smile
while aware it's been a while

the sun comes up awakening my lazy, dreamy mind
but my thoughts keep drifting back to what I left behind
I close my eyes to feel your touch
it's not real but means so much
to me

time passes it doesn't linger, neither does it rush
there's a time for everything, not too little, not too much
there was a time for you and me
that my heart still feels and sees

[one day later]
I think I'll just repeat the last verse, maybe after an extended solo.

[two days later]
I'll add a line at the end:

you're not real but mean so much
to me

5 years Rock Bernd, 5 albums, 70 original songs

If you count the songs you will get the sum of 88. But then, on both "rockin' up" and "rock-hard & soul" are remixes of formerly published songs. Also, on "rock-hard & soul" one particular song occurs twice, once in the 'rock' version, once just accompanied on an acoustic guitar. Hence, there are 'only' 70 original songs.

And here is the link to Rock Bernd on Youtube
(while you're listening maybe keep in mind that Youtube pays the artists even less than Spotify - but it's easier accessible. Should you like a particular song please buy a download from Amazon or CD-Baby)

If my web site looks crap...

... try deleting the "s" after "http" from the URL. That is try using instead of

Okay, I'm bone-lazy. I've thought about changing my web site since ages. My entries hardly deal with the lyrics writing process anymore so the title does not fit any longer. I had said all there is to say about lyrics writing from my point of view and begun repeating myself. Now, what I'm doing most of the time is publishing my latest completed lyrics, or trying to promote my music. Therefore, I guess I should adapt the site accordingly. And, obviously, modernize its look since the old fashioned "serendipity" template doesn't work properly with the now encrypted standard protocol https instead of http (not, that I will ever understand why all that banalities on the web need to be encrypted).

I'll keep it in mind. But I will take my time. Writing new lyrics and music is more fun than tinkering about with my web site.


Spotify, iTunes,Youtube, Amazon... It's out there!

Rock-hard & Soul is 'out there'. You can stream the songs on Spotify or iTunes (and many other portals), or buy it from Amazon or CD-Baby.

To give you an idea how much money an 'artist' (including all the other people or the label involved) 'makes' from streams and sales per song:

CD-Baby - $0.90 (download)
Amazon - $0.80 (download)

Spotify - $0.002
iTunes - $0.001
Youtube - $0.001
Facebook - $0.000

On average, you need 1,000 streams to earn one dollar. My first four 'albums' made $3.50 (that I won't ever see in my pocket because transferring the money would cost more than that). Should you actually like a particular song maybe you should consider buying a download. Thank you and

Rock on!