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10 days countdown: rock-hard & soul

September 1st. is the official release date for my 5th digital 'album', "rock-hard & soul". Two songs will be available before that date: the rock version of "cold as the mountains" (only on Spotify; but I also already published an acoustic version in my series "Folk Bernd live at home" on Youtube), and "rock the boat" (on several other portals).

don't cross the line

I sang it this morning. While doing so I decided that less is more. Longer rests in the vocal line did seem to do the song good, so I deleted nine lines of text and added three words - "but I believe..." - in the repeated part (sort of a refrain, but since it is Blues...). The result reads like this:

I don't know what will come to pass
I don't know if our love can last
thoughts of vengeance, bitter feelings
frenzied raging, your head reeling
sure, that I am the one to blame
I was shameless, you are blameless
but I believe we can be fine
if you don't
cross the line

it was not such a big affair
we just enjoyed some hours we shared
maybe I was in a muddle
needed solace, a little cuddle
what do you want? what can I say?
I'm repenting, you're resenting
but I believe we can be fine
if you don't
cross the line

I understand that you are stirred
I understand that you feel hurt
what we're feeling, what we're having
lies worlds apart from my brief fling
let's talk a bit, let's have a drink
let's get tipsy, let's get cozy
'cause I believe we can be fine
if you don't
cross the line

tracklist for my new album bar one song

I am working on the last song that I intend to add to my next album. The backing track is done, the lyrics are done, and I will check out how well they fit in a minute. Its title will be "don't cross the line". The other songs are recorded, mixed and mastered (as good or bad as I am able to do it myself):