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house of worms - correction

I just stumbled over an embarrasing little slip, considering that I had gone over all my lyrics, sometimes several times, to check them for errors, clumsiness, or just to format them. In "house of worms" it should obviously read "their pay" - not "they're pay" (fortunately nobody will hear the difference). I guess I should have hired a proofreader. If you proof-read your own stuff you overlook your own mistakes.

Folk Bernd live at home

After a restaurant owner had asked me if I was interested in performing in his venue in 2017 I had begun creating a little video series "Folk Bernd live at home" to showcase my setlist so interested parties could see what to expect (not too much, I'm afraid, but anyway...). Meanwhile I performed three times, at a fourth date nobody(!) showed up, so my companion and I just played for ourselves and two of his friends he had called.

This year there might be one or to performances in the summer. Since I have to rehearse regularly so my fingers don't hurt when performing ("pale plump Paula", my 12-string, can put quite a strain on untrained fingers) I hope to acquire a few more concerts. That's why I have expanded my setlist and published a few more "Folk Bernd live at home" videos and songs.

You can find the songs on my playlist, or the videos on my YouTube channel:
Folk Bernd live at home: Joy

All lyrics that I've written to date

The observant visitor might have noticed that the label of the first link on the blue line above is singular now: "my lyrics collection". The "s" is missing. That is because now all 545 lyrics are in one single file.

I have modified quite a few of the song texts. Some have been completely rewritten , others just edited to improve the flow or add some eloquence. I also had to do the odd correction. The diction now is British English (throughout? Not sure) and I've often omitted superfluous words like "yeah", "well" etc. that the musicians/singers can easily insert themselves should an additional syllable be needed.

Anyway: should you have filed oneor more older lyrics collections by me just replace them with this new, completed and updated version:

20 years (Lyrics by Bernd Harmsen since 1999)