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blood rain

Some of my lyrics are rather difficult to 'sell', that is, it is hard to find someone who would be willing to set them to music. Fortunately, every once in a while somebody actually does pick lyrics that I never had given any chance. Clemens ("Beyolie") did "pool of blood", "Diogenes", and "looking down at you", for example. Now, Craig Pavone wrote a great 'rocker' using "blood rain". Actually, "blood rain" was a failure trying to write lyrics for Gothic Rock. Thanking Craig for the 14th song that is based on my words I told him the story behind the words:

I had been asked to write lyrics for Gothic Rock. I wasn't sure if I could do it as I have no palate for Death Metal, Black Metal, Dark Metal - or Gothic Rock. In "blood rain" I might have done okay in the first two stanzas, but after that I screw up. The butterflies are one of a few rational (!) explanations of what could have lain behind the superstituous Medieval perception of a blood rain that God sent to punish the sinners. Every once in a while there is a mass occurence of black-veined-whites that pupate in the trees. After the imagos, the adult butterflies, have hatched from the chrysalis they excrete a reddish fluid that drips from the trees. When there are very many butterflies hatching at the same time it rains 'blood' from the trees. Other explanations for 'blood rains' are fallouts after volcanic eruptions or sand storms that carry sand over fast distances in high altitudes which then comes down as red or - mostly - yellow rain. Sahara sand sometimes drifts up to Germany and comes down as yellow rain. Anyway, I added this piece of scientific or rational explanation to song lyrics that were supposed to be all gloomy and superstitious. I never tried to write for any of those genres again...

These are the words (slightly edited by Craig):

lust and pride
greed and gluttony
have driven us too long
jealousy and wrath
bringing pain and death
that's the road we’re on

we ignored the signs
the voices from on high
we refused to see
when the clock struck twelve
deluding ourselves
we clung to wrong beliefs

a blood rain
is falling from the trees
all white butterflies
are gathering to flee
the doomed, yeah
and dying land

unable to learn
without any concern
for our genesis
we moan and fret
while blindly we head
toward our nemesis