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You got to live with rejections

When you write lyrics (or songs) for others it's them who decide if your suggestions meet their expectations. In the end the singer must decide if he/she can identify with the lyrics and sing them. Sonya from Hot Mama, for example, would not sing a text about a woman who declares revenge after having been raped. I quite understood. It would have been tough stuff, not to everybodies taste (in a song). Quite a few of my lyrics never saw the light of day in a song.

As most of my lyrics/songs do NOT make any money, I usually give it two shots. If my second lyrical suggestion is rejected as well I call it quits. The other day I wrote a text for Erjan that was not to his taste. He is from Canada, hence my European flair did not appeal to him, I guess (the Spanish title was his own suggestion):

First version of the chorus (rejected):

fiesta en la playa
we order a Sangria
while marveling at the flamenco show
the thrill, arousal, energy,
and rhythm get us on our feet

bailamos en la playa
we dance the BulerĂ­a
to guitar strumming and the castanets
we dance until the break of dawn
where magic summer days are born

That one was too Spanish. So I wrote a more Caribbean version (accepted):

fiesta en la playa
dance and jambalaya
we let ourselves in for Caribbean vibes
the sea sends a refreshing breeze
we join the dancing party tribe

fiesta en la playa
we are catching fire
we're in a trance, we're mesmerized
we've sailed across the seven seas
to reach this place of unknown highs