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to all things living

I wrote "to all things living" a while ago. It is intended - as the title suggests - as a toasting song. Originally I thought that it should have an Irish flair. Somehow that didn't work out, or not quite. Although I often had a melody in mind, I never seemed to remember it. Today I thought of recording what I had in mind this morning. Nothing fancy, mind you, it has become exactly what it was supposed to be. Here is my draft:
to all things living - draft

These are the words (I don't sing the third stanza - I just recorded it to remember the tune):

the salmon hunting bear
the roaring lion's might
the pregnant zebra mare
the small mosquito's bite
here's to all things living

the forests, lush and green
the hunter's sense of smell
the tortoise beetle's sheen
the tiny ocean shell
here's to all things living

the sharp eyed bird of prey
the dog's bark at the moon
the salmon's odyssey
the first spring flower's bloom
here's to all things living

the sly and cunning fox
the black martin's wing
the old, cart-pulling ox
the common nettle's sting
here's to all things living

the beauty of your eye
that beholds my soul
the beauty of your mind
that beholds my soul