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filling the gaps

When I write to match words with just a backing track yet no vocal line I think of it as 'filling the gaps'. In the pop industry that approach is called topline-writing. Anyway, I listened to my track 2018-04 several times and made notes of little phrases that might fit in. Eventually I replaced most of the phrases with others that seemed to make more sense in the developing context. Here is the result:

here I am
here I grin, here I hide
do you miss me
look out for me

here I laugh by your side
will you kiss me
sleep with me
my girl

I didn't know you
yet today
I think I need you
I wonder where
you have hid so long


someday soon
you might get restless
the blue moon
might make you reckless
and disappear
where you have come from

where you are
there you love, there you sigh
I will miss you
look out for you

think of you by my side
when you kissed me
slept with me
my girl



I first wanted to call the song "here I am" because that title would fit the fanfare like opening chords perfectly. But then my lyrics seemed to lose direction a bit ('she' left me or might leave me in the second verse), so now I tend to name it "hide and seek". Not a hook, I'm afraid - but who cares anyway ;-)