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update on "making money"

I have a first verse (two actually), a lift and the chorus. I'm not happy with the meter of the verse(s), though. But I don't mind rewriting my stuff until I am happy or a partner who is willing to set them to music is.

I saw her on the corner of the main street
she stood right under the streetlight
wearing high heel boots and a flimsy skirt
because she wanted her bare legs to be seen

she waited for drivers to slow their speed,
size her up, maybe make up their mind,
gape at her tight, low cut faux leather shirt
getting ready to pay for this street corner queen

I asked
what are you doing deep in the night
posing half-nude here in the light
she said
what do you think? You've got one guess.
If you're willing to pay then be my guest.

You see,
I'm making money,
making some money
the only way I know
making money,
making some money
the only way I know

Since I need two stanzas to describe the scene or tell the story I now tend to use only two parts instead of three as I suggested yesterday. Also, I'm nor sure if I will write a bridge. Possibly, I just repeat the chorus at the end.

a new 'project': "making money" (episodic lyrics)

I'm sure I told you about what I call 'episodic lyrics'. It's a lyrical genre that I cultivate. It means using a generic subject in the chorus and writing verses that support the chorus but otherwise are unconnected. Obviously, I've written a few 'episodic' lyrics or songs (in bold print) in the past:

assembled masturbators
bang, you're out
giants fall
in the blink of an eye
size matters
some go too soon

Now I intend to start a new project in this manner. The title od the (song or just) text will be making money.

The verses will feature different approaches to make money. I'm thinking of sceneries like these:

- a man at midnight (in the dead of night) in a dark corner, hidden face, crowbar, hooded jacket, dark colors (burglar)
- a lady in flimsy clothes, high heel boots, bare legs in the cold, at the crossroads (prostitute)

and another one that should refer to a more 'ordinary' approach. Maybe I'll use my favorite example (and subject of scorn): a banker. But I haven't decided on this yet.

My provisional notes with regard to the chorus read:
what are you doing there hiding in the dark / posing in the light
what do you think
I'm making money (the only way I know)

I'll keep you updated how I'm progressing - my blog is about "lyrics in progress", you see...

Stay tuned!

my sweet soul

I let it rest two days and wrote "no regrets" in between, today the ideas kept rushing in as usual. Here now is "my sweet soul", the text that I mentioned yesterday. And yes, I am old, and yes, I often write about death or dying (like "farewell", for example, or its rock-equivalent "ladies from the past"). BUT: I actually have done so right from the beginning of my lyrics writing, i.e. since 20 years ago after my father had died. AND: in most of my songs or song lyrics death is nothing to fear or negative in any way. Death is just the other side of life, you see.

you shared my sorrows, and you shared my joy
you helped me cope when I was a boy
when I grew up I could build on you
I knew you were with me whatever I'd do

I showed you the world, you shared my life
I listened to you, when I chose my wife
at night you wispered into my ear
you always helped me to overcome fear

my sweet soul, (now) I hear you singing
but your song is out of tune
there's no ringing, there's no rhythm
you might leave it just as soon

I wonder when you'll join the choir
whose sounds define the cosmic flow
catch the fire, feel the freedom
when we fine'ly have to go

men shrink and wither as they grow old
our steps unsteady, no longer bold
the time seems to rush past our tired mind
the future evolving leaves us behind


should I look forward
to what seems to be coming
should I look back
to what lies in the past
should I take stock
of what I achieved
or just focus on
the things that may last


no regrets - or what to do when you're stuck

You might remember that I don't believe in writers' block. But when writing I do get stuck every once in a while. What do I do then? Bang my head against the wall ( I actually wrote a text "against the wall"; Melon Gallery made a song of it, if I remember correctly - but that's off the point)? That would be some kind of writers' block, wouldn't it. Since I don't believe in it and thus must prove to myself that it really does NOT exist, I simply begin (or continue) writing some other text. A text that preferably has nothing at all to do with the subject at hand.

I got stuck with a text that begins

my sweet soul, I hear you singing
but your song is out of tune

I actually completed the chorus (that is, I think it will become the chorus). Then I got stuck. I have no idea what the verses might be about since I wouldn't want to simply repeat with other words what's already been said in the chorus. BTW, Ralph Vaughan Williams' "Sea Symphony" was in my mind when I began writing the 'soulful' lyric. The "Sea Symphony" ends

O my brave soul!
O farther farther sail!
O daring joy, but safe! are they not all the seas of God?
O farther, farther, farther sail!

(like the whole text for the choral symphony the words are from Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Gras").

Yet again I'm getting off the track... Where was I... Well, I got stuck and wrote something completely different ("And now for something completely different" - remember Monty Python?). The title is "no regrets". The lyrics go:

so you found me out
that's how you see it
but you may overlook
my side of the story

you call it love affair
I call it friendship
I'm staying true to you
all could be hunky-dory

I can't deny the fact
you won't believe, I guess, that it never felt like cheating to me ??

no, I have no regrets
I did no wrong, my dear, though I expect that you will not agree

yes, I make love to her
let's call it sex addiction
we're meeting to have fun
not to live together

that I live with you
means no contradiction
maybe we're more like chums
two birds of a feather

I can't deny the fact
you won't believe, I guess, that it never felt like cheating to me

no, I have no regrets
I did no wrong, my dear, though I expect that you will not agree

why can't you see
that there are different kinds of love and lovers
like the love between children and their mother
the love between your sister and her brother
between you and me, or you and me and others

I can't deny the fact
you won't believe, I guess, that it never felt like cheating to me

no, I have no regrets
I did no wrong, my dear, though I expect that you will not agree

You see, I wrote lyrics although I had got stuck. Quod erat demonstrandum ;-)

filling the gaps

When I write to match words with just a backing track yet no vocal line I think of it as 'filling the gaps'. In the pop industry that approach is called topline-writing. Anyway, I listened to my track 2018-04 several times and made notes of little phrases that might fit in. Eventually I replaced most of the phrases with others that seemed to make more sense in the developing context. Here is the result:

here I am
here I grin, here I hide
do you miss me
look out for me

here I laugh by your side
will you kiss me
sleep with me
my girl

I didn't know you
yet today
I think I need you
I wonder where
you have hid so long


someday soon
you might get restless
the blue moon
might make you reckless
and disappear
where you have come from

where you are
there you love, there you sigh
I will miss you
look out for you

think of you by my side
when you kissed me
slept with me
my girl



I first wanted to call the song "here I am" because that title would fit the fanfare like opening chords perfectly. But then my lyrics seemed to lose direction a bit ('she' left me or might leave me in the second verse), so now I tend to name it "hide and seek". Not a hook, I'm afraid - but who cares anyway ;-)