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cold as the mountains

I actually intended to make this first stanza that I had come up with the chorus:

cold as the mountains that reach for the sky
tall as the small man asserting his claim
sharp as the gambler who wins without fight
calm as the hunter as he's taking aim

but then I came up with another that uses the very same meter and rhyme pattern:

fierce as a cornered and desperate rat
mean as the liar who needs an excuse
frantic as those who've been caught in the act
dashed as the lover who wanted the truth


"Rockin' up" is in the shops

You can buy 'me' if you like. Worldwide. Just click on the image ;-)

I had to use my proper name, "Bernd Harmsen", instead of "RockBernd Harmsen" because CD Baby does not allow to use a different 'name' on the cover.

Rockin' up

My working title for my new compilation was "RockBernd IV". But since I am RockBernd, at least sometimes, I decided to use a less generic title this time.

album cover for "Rockin' up"

The new 'album' contains titles that I recorded since "RockBernd III" as well as remixed older titles from all three former RockBernd compilations. All titles are remixed, more crisp, and decidedly louder than before (yes, I've got the knack at last!). I tested them on different devices - the most 'critical' being my hifi equipment - so the songs should sound okay everywhere.