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I'm working hard - translating my own stuff

I have decided that I will provide translations of my songs in my next show, therefore, I have begun translating the songs from the setlist into German. That is actually what professional translators do: translating from the foreign language into their own first language. Except that I wrote the lyrics I'm now translating myself.

A radio station in my former home province has a program called "lyrix" where German translations of English lyrics are read, then the original song is played. The translations are done with much love and great care, trying to match and convey the sentiment of the songs. I often thought "wow, that's the story or message of that particular song, I'd never have thought that - and how beautifully phrased". You know, I normally don't listen too closely to the words of the songs played on the radio. As most listeners I often just get the hook. Now I will try to translate my own stuff with as much care and love so people can see how wonderful my lyrics actually are ;-) It's hard work, actually!

Janus face

... will be the title for the as yet untitled lyrics. Maybe it is telling too much in terms of interpreting the text but at least it sounds good by itself ;-)