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"tomcat" edited

I adopted a few edits that were suggested in forum discussion:

I can smell your hunger and arousal
I know where your hand slides in the night
never mind, I won't reveal your secret
rest assured I won't switch on the light

no use hiding, I see you in the dark
I 've come to you to leave my mark
spare your tears, and spare your fear
I'm the tomcat - I'll take you while we're here

there's no need to fight off your desire
I don't see why you should feel ashamed
I could be the answer to your wishes
you know, nothing ventured, nothing gained

no use hiding, ...

And here is some feedback that my "tomcat" received:

There's something refreshingly different about your style of writing. Good song lyric

This has a real gutter feel to it, nice and sleazy, filthy! Feel like I need to have a shower after reading this! Got a touch of the Otto Dix bar-room about this, fantastic!

I like it, Bernd. Full of menace and promise at the same time.