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feedback on "dead easy"

Brilliant. Well written and flows really well.

I like this, Bernd.
Short and sweet, to the point, still playful. Good lyrics is half a good song

I like this write, and oh sooo… true these days. Yes you did a good job getting the hook in there four times during the chorus and I agree with Gav, this would be well suited for a rock song.

I enjoyed it too Bernd, I got the flow straight away,it seems like this might have been DEAD EASY for you to write if you parden the pun.

Hi Bernd, this flows nicely and I can totally get the sentiment.

There have also been suggestions how to improve particular expressions that might have been confusing (e.g. who "you" referred to, or in which regard "give it your best"). Here is my current version:

just one joke
upset the office mob
one prank
that cost me my job
I didn't mean it

dead easy
to make a fool of yourself
dead easy
to get into a mess
dead easy
if you don't give it some thought
dead easy
if you don't give it a rest

just one word -
threw us off the track
one straw
broke the camel's back
I didn't mean it

dead easy ...

I admit I have a loose tongue
it is true, I cannot keep mum
why can't people just disagree
I hate to have them turn against me

dead easy ...