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Business as usual, or "the same procedure as every year"

I'm working on two projects at the moment. Ritchy sent a complete track with "da da dam" standing for the lyrics. Marcell only sent the chorus part. His track already has got dummy lyrics which is easier to work with because the text also covers the intonation so I don't have to listen to the track all the time. That is why I wrote a dummy text for Ritchy's chorus as well. It goes:

Hey you,
can you come along and tell me
can you come along and tell me
something that I never have heard of

something that I need to hear
something that I want to hear again

... and it became

I could be you friend forever
your decision now or never
I can't stand the wait any longer

when will you make up your mind
when will you tell me your answer

Remember? That's my 'template method', i.e. using nonsense text as a template for the final one.

If Ritchy likes the chorus I will continue working on the verses and additonal parts that I have no term for (not 'bridge', anyway; maybe 'tag'? I read that term somewhere...).

Meanwhile I will try coming up with some lines for Marcell.

Did I mention that I normally begin with writing the chorus, and then go from there? Oh yes, of course, I did ;-)