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FolkBernd live

An innkeeper suggested that I perform in his restaurant. Since there is no band backing me I said it would have to be acoustic, and I might need to rehearse a lot so my fingers would get used to the 12-string guitar, so it might be a while... Meanwhile my finger tips developed calluses so playing the thin steel strings doesn't hurt any more. Meanwhile I can play about 15 songs, maybe not by heart, but so they sound acceptable. I modified two pop songs and one rock ballad so they can be played as acoustic songs, the others have been acoustic from the beginning. Apart from playing my songs I will also read lyrics that have been used by others or not been set to music yet. Anyhow, on the 27th of September I will play live to an audience for the very first time in my life!

Here are impressions from my rehearsals: FolkBernd live at home

FolkBernd live at home: Joy
My latest song. The lyrics are from 2012, but set to music ten days ago.

FolkBernd live at home: summer time

FolkBernd live at home: glad that you're here
This is one of the pop tunes that could easily converted into an acoustic song.