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rock the boat (edited 2019)

Song titles that contain the word "rock" seem to 'sell' better. From my last short vacation I brought back the idea to "rock the boat". Other than "rock the place" or "die hard rockers" it has a 'message' that goes beyond "let's have a good time":

we rock the boat
while the world is sinking
rock the boat
and remain unthinking
we rock the boat

we've thrown our future in the bin
ignored the mess that we got in
we felled the last mahogany
for guitar necks for you and me

what we created got out of hand
wreaking havoc on our land
we preferred to look away
didn't raise our voice not to spoil the day

That's all I have at the moment. I decided to leave the eco-subject vage this time except for the lines "we fell the last mahogany -
for guitar necks for you and me" that I find funny. I'm not happy with the 'for ... for', though - got to think about it some more). The text could do with another verse and a bridge.