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don't wanna be your second best

... is the (provisional or final - I don't know) title that Yerzhan gave his new song. Together with a draft recording Yerzhan provided dummy lyrics that I could use as template* (now, that is what I call a great service!). But actually, at this time I would like to point the rhyming structure that I use in the verses out to you:

you came last night
and said you could stay over
I lost my mind
I felt cajoled and flattered
oh yes, you knocked me out

I said "all right"
felt like a pig in clover
and drew the blinds
I lay awake thereafter
'cause I was getting doubts

I only was your second choice
while your man's away from home
I could hear my inner voice
would it do and would I want to spend my life as your toy boy

The rhyme pattern of the verses is:

Cool, ey? Somebody picked at my rhyming the other day, alleging that I would always use the same pattern: ABAB. It IS true that I am a 'rhyming addict' (like Steven Tyler, one of my heroes) and often go to lenghts for a good rhyme, but I do vary my rhyme patterns (normally to mark different song parts). IMO rhymes enhance the flow of songs.

*if you haven't heard/read about my 'template method' scroll back to the early entries in this blog or just start from here:
my template method