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lousy lyrics - part 2

"I'm gonna wrap you up" is what I understand when the song is being played on the radio at the gym. Actually it goes:

I'm gonna rock your body ["body" sung as ONE syllable - however that's supposed to work]
Take it down slow [also one syllable missing in the vocals, could as well just be "take it slow"]
Gonna rock your body
Don't they know? [sounds like "don't say 'no'"]

I'm gonna rock your body
Take it down slow
Gonna rock your body
Don't you know?

KUNGS feat. Jamie N Commons: "don't you know".
A huge hit. And its lyrics?

Not THAT MUCH of lyrics at all, and sung in a manner that you don't understand anything much anyway. Not much of a hook either. All in all nine lines of text in the four verses (one three line verse is repeated as a whole). That's it! The rest is repetition. Remember? Rhythm, rhyme, repetition! Actually, not that many rhymes either: slow - know, and in the verses: sky - lights, and: night - right. That's it.

the empire (part 1)

Someone pointed out that I seem to prefer ABAB rhymes. I checked and found it true. Namely my own songs usually seem to have that rhyme pattern. To prove that I can do different I began writing "the empire":

the empire's in the books
so you can look at maps
and dream of its past glory

you have understood
the history has gaps
but that's a different story