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lyrics that do not make sense?

Would that work? Writing lyrics that don't make any sense at all?

It does! Read this:

Ariadiamus late ariadiamus da
Ari a natus late adua

Aravare tue vate
Aravare tue vate
Aravare tue vate latea

It's the beginning of "Adiemus" by Karl Jenkins. A huge hit in 1994.

In Germany there was "Da Da Da" by the band "Trio". And there have been many more ("da doo ron ron", and "balla balla" spring to my mind).

Namely Jenkins' concept of using an artificial 'language' he specially invented for his music illustrates my 'rule' (for popand dance music) that lyrics should SERVE THE MUSIC.

In the rock genre I know of several singers who actually don't sing any meaningful words at all but just some mumbo-jumbo that sounds like real words. I actually admire them as they are able to invent syllables and lines on the fly that flow well with the song they are performing. I would get stuck halfway. The audience normally doesn't notice. Just remember the "Born in the USA" example. The audience never noticed what the lyrics were about. So - apart from the chorus that WILL be noted - what use ARE lyrics in a rock song you might ask. There are three uses, actually:

- you have text that you can print and people can read and understand
- there is less risk of getting stuck while trying to invent lines of text on the fly
- the lyrics actually can enhance the 'message' of the song (I actually mean its groove, mood, or attitude as I mentioned in a former post)

So there actually ARE uses but the literal meaning of the song lyrics is not THAT important.