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"Change your ways" seems to be meant for a YOUNG lady to sing. Not one who cooks for her husband or has to endure his snoring right beside her in their marital bed. Rather one who likes parties and uses a smartphone. Quite obviously I had to rewrite the verses of my lyrics. Fortunately, I could use the first version as a template.

you wonder why I'm getting worried
why I'm concerned about your pastimes
have a drink
with your mates
getting drunk
stay out late
give no thought
to texting me,
your stupid, faithful devotee

you don't care how I might be feeling
all dressed up, nowhere we are going
no idea
where you are
with some girl
in some bar
while I watch
the silent phone
feeling left out and alone

Oh Baby, ...

you got to change your ways

you never say that you are sorry
instead you simply keep me waiting
where you are
where you've been
how you are
where we are
where we stand
don't know if we're still together

one day I caught a scent of perfume
I didn't want to make a scene then
what you thought
would it help
if we talked
maybe that
there is hope
if put right out in the open

Oh Baby, ...

you got to change your ways

what was it that drove you away from me
when did you know you had enough
what is it that I do not seem to see
what did I do that killed our love

we got to change our ways


Meanwhile I have got used to musicians who tend to know what they want only AFTER I've finished my part. Lyricists and musicians tick differently it seems. I give them two tries plus maybe a few adaptions then I call it quits. Most don't earn me any money anyway...