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Track 2017-03 became "we came"

Actually, track 2017-03 is more some kind of etude than a song. If it can be considered a song it would be an AAA song - all verses, ten(!) all in all. The lyrics are simple, repetitive, and a bit sleazy ;-).

Here is the link: we came
It's the second title AFTER my last compilation "Rock Bernd III".
The other song is: all for free
Both can also be downloaded from SoundClick.

Track 2017-03

After adding the last bass parts at noon I just played the (bottle-neck) solo on my latest backing track, 2017-03. Yet again I'm on the lookout for some viable lyrics. Could be that I'll have to do a little topline-writing for myself yet again...

Rock Bernd III is out in the shops

You can stream or download the songs of Rock Bernd III from the well-known portals now.

My own favourites are "too much" and "the angels' choir". Too much is a classic rock song with its share of musical clich├ęs. I love it because it flows so well together with the lyrics. Playing and singing it was pure joy. "The angels' choir" is different in every sense. It is probably the song that is least "Rock Bernd" out of all Rock Bernd songs. Other than "Sabrina", for example, it doesn't even have a rock part in it. I love its sound and everything about it. The only flaw might be the MIDI choir at the end. As beautiful as it sounds in the choruses where it is 'drowned in noise' it sounds rather artificial on its own. But it is there because it conveys (part of) the meaning of the song.

Rock Bernd III on Amazon

all for free - rewrite

Today I played the guitar solo on track 2017-02 which means that now the track is waiting for its vocals. But first I need a text. Browsing my lyrics I found that I could adjust the chorus of "all for free" so it would match.

original version:

all for free, all for nothing
value undefined
all for free, all for nothing
keep that in your mind

re-written version:

all for free here
value undefined
all for nothing
keep that in your mind

Easy, eh?

The verses (and the bridge) required a little more effort. Just one example:

trade real life for online surfing
google to find doubtful truth
you trust all that you're unearthing
most designed to spoil your youth


trade real life for chat and tweets
google to find doubtful truth
fake news, goo that sounds so sweet
all designed to spoil your youth

and so on.

Now for the singing...