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there's no such thing as writer's block!

Ever heard someone say he's got writer's block? Actually this tells quite a bit about the speaker - more so than about his condition. Translated it simply means "I'm an arrogant shit". How so?

"Writer's block" in the strict sense does not exist. If you can - physically - write, all you still need are thoughts to write down. Any thoughts. As there is no moment in your waking state without thoughts* there is nothing to prevent you from simply putting them down in writing. A state that could be called writer's block can not exist.

What the term actually stands for from the perspective of the 'suffering' artist is: "I cannot come up with ideas to put down at the moment that comply with my standards... because I am the greatest, I could write hits - if I didn't suffer from writer's block." If the persons in question would not believe - or try to make others believe - that they were the greatest they would have no problem writing just anything. They could always change lines, delete whole blocks of text, or rewrite the lot, couldn't they? There is no use criticizing yourself before you have done or written anything. Criticism can come once there is a result. And you need not show anybody anyway before you're satisfied yourself.

My tipp: if you want to write (lyrics, poetry, fiction, songs) simply start writing. Anything. Store in a scrap 'book' whatever you cannot use at the moment - or maybe never. And forget about writing a hit song. What's a hit and what is not is not up to you to decide anyway - the (music) market takes care of that.


*as a matter of fact, there are people who actually train to achieve a state of mind where they would not be thinking anything while still being aware. One particular method is called transcendental meditation (TM). If you're good at it you manage to have no thoughts or perceptions for about one or two seconds (it seems to last much longer when you are meditating, but from the outside perspective it usually only lasts just a second or even only a fragment of a second!). The first thought that destroys this beautiful - euphoric(!) - state is "Wow, I'm not thinking", by the way. The next thought is: "Shit, now I messed up by thinking that I was not thinking" ;-)

Two new MotorPlanet songs in the making

Writing for MotorPlanet, my long lasting partners, means replacing 'Gibberish' (any nonsense text that Holger sings to mark the vocal line) with proper words, or, as I call it, applying my template method.

In song #1 Holger uses fragments of an older song that we wrote together as a substitute for the chorus:

I'm gonna
I'm gonna
get my share

... sung twice, then repated. That's easy. I made it:

don't tell me
don't tell me
what I know

I can see
I can see
'cause it shows

My idea behind it: 'she' commences to tell me that there is another - but 'I' already thought as much. My proposed title will be "don't tell me what I know".

To write the verses I first have to learn how many verses there will be at the end. Holger only sent one sound file each for the verses and the chorus, so that I cannot tell the structure of the song. It's no use telling a story, only to discover later that you have to squeeze in another part or cut one out. Yet I've begun writing fragments, nontheless.

Nonsense-version/template (as far as I could make out):

Hey girl, what you're talking about
it's just my bad that I'm a sinner
but I found out that I love you

my words - at this moment:

what's all that beatin' 'bout the bush - the middle stress does not 'sit', I have to re-check against the tune
bite back what you are tryin' to say-ay - "tryin'" sung like one syllable
maybe use it with another man - crap? Maybe too cryptic

Hey girl, just get off your tush - needs a pause to fit: Hey girl _ just get off your tush
I'm sick of all your lame excuses - perfect match
just make your exit while you can - got to check the stress at the end, might not work

I actually like the second part. But it's still early days.