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wish you well

... will become the title for track 2016-C. And, of course, I wish you well for 2017 (and the years past). The chorus actually will read "go to hell - I wish you well", but never mind. It's another Rock Bernd song, you see ;-)

Today I finished "Huggy Tuggy". I changed the words for the repeated part (that I somehow don't see as a 'true' chorus) to

no way
no way
no way
I go where you go

... which makes or doesn't make about as much sense as the former versions, "I say where you been" or "I say where we been", respectively.

It's the 9th song that I've finished for the next Rock Bernd compilation "Rock Bernd III". I would love to publish 16 songs on that album so there would be 50 'official' songs altogether but I may not make it as there are only 4 more in the making at the moment. I also thought of redoing "passage", one of my oldest songs. Well, time will tell.

Here's to another great year!