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If there's no money in it do it for the praise

Y'all know that there is no money in creating music. Maybe if you perform live regularly you get your gear paid, but that's about it. "Collecting" the fractions of US cents from Spotify, iTunes, or Youtube (0.03 cent from Spotify per stream, 0.01 from Youtube - but only if it comes with ads) would take longer than an ordinary man's life span to make any sense. So, why do we keep up creating songs, posting them on the internet, and expectantly observing the access rates... Coud it be for praise - if not money?

I love being praised - but then, who doesn't ;-) The other day a long years songwriting partner from the US wrote to me:
"I've always liked your unconventional style of writing. I think that when the words are interesting and well-written like yours, it makes the song and melody more interesting."
Reactions and comments like that keep me going! Simple as that.



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