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three verses

The lyrics don't look finished at all, but somehow feel complete to me. I have no idea yet what to make of them:

silently the forest lake lies in the morning mist
an early bird sings his song about a life of bliss
I close my eyes to see you smile
while aware it's been a while

the sun comes up awakening my lazy, dreamy mind
but my thoughts keep drifting back to what I left behind
I close my eyes to feel your touch
it's not real but means so much
to me

time passes it doesn't linger, neither does it rush
there's a time for everything, not too little, not too much
there was a time for you and me
that my heart still feels and sees

[one day later]
I think I'll just repeat the last verse, maybe after an extended solo.

[two days later]
I'll add a line at the end:

you're not real but mean so much
to me


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