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work in progress: call me John

I came up with the first four lines on the way to the gym. Fortunately (?), I remembered them, so I could key them in after my workout, and also add some more lines:

my name is Brad, but you can call me John
today I may be Eric, but not for very long
I love to feel your love, I hate to feel your hate
soon I will be forgotton, I guess it's just my fate

some take me seriously, adressing me as sir
maybe that it's my coat that I made of fake fur
what looks like high esteem, may really be contempt
I'm trying to live my dream, if in a vain attempt

call me John, and I'll be John for you
X X X* and that is what I'll do
call me weak and I will cry for you
call me strong and watch me coming through

*no idea yet

I need three or four more songs for my upcoming Rock Bernd album. These words just come in handy. They are inspired by an interview that Keith Moon of the Who once gave ("My friends call me Keith, but you can call me John").


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