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superstar - about hooks

THE hook normaly is the title of a song and is placed in the chorus. It should be the first or last line of the chorus - or possibly both. The hook makes the song memorable. Pop songs sometimes consist of little else but the hook ;-)

Anyway, the chorus I suggested obviously was not 'hooky' enough. Erjan wants the chorus to begin with "now you are a superstar". That may not be the most innovative line BUT it contains the title, "superstar", and thus makes the song more memorable. My latest suggestion reads:

now you are a superstar
you tour the states, you play Qatar
you are in the spotlight
your shows sell out, you're a superstar

now you are a superstar
your fans flock in from near and far
you are in the spotlight
you rock the crowds, you're a superstar

I'm not giving up on the lines
I hear you on the radio
when I'm driving in my car
you are filling stadiums just yet, though.
I think I can use them - or the ideas behind them - in the verses ;-)


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