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my 'template method'

As I mentioned I often write lyrics that match a given tune. At best, my partners have already sung real words to represent the vocal tune. Words that need not make any sense but that have a real-life flow. I then simply replace these words with others that actually do make sense. That's all there is to it. It's harder if there is only a MIDI-track to mark the tune, or the singer sings "na na na". I then have to first draw some kind of chart marking the stresses and go from there (see my other post "working for Ronson").

Ronson rejected the lyrics that I have written to his melody ("eyes wide open"), he rather wants something dark and fiery. This means that I now can use my own lyrics as a template for new ones, simply replacing each line with a different one that has the same intonation:

(your) eyes wide open
I watch you head for a fall
(your) eyes wide open
I don't wanna see you break down and fall

(now) storm clouds gather
the time's come for our demise
jammed together
we stand and watch the dark forces rise*

*I'm omitting the first syllable/note - the lines fits nicely anyhow


Lyrics in Progress on : don't wanna be your second best

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... is the (provisional or final - I don't know) title that Yerzhan gave his new song. Together with a draft recording Yerzhan provided dummy lyrics that I could use as template* (now, that is what I call a great service!). But actually I would like to po


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