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my sweet soul

I let it rest two days and wrote "no regrets" in between, today the ideas kept rushing in as usual. Here now is "my sweet soul", the text that I mentioned yesterday. And yes, I am old, and yes, I often write about death or dying (like "farewell", for example, or its rock-equivalent "ladies from the past"). BUT: I actually have done so right from the beginning of my lyrics writing, i.e. since 20 years ago after my father had died. AND: in most of my songs or song lyrics death is nothing to fear or negative in any way. Death is just the other side of life, you see.

you shared my sorrows, and you shared my joy
you helped me cope when I was a boy
when I grew up I could build on you
I knew you were with me whatever I'd do

I showed you the world, you shared my life
I listened to you, when I chose my wife
at night you wispered into my ear
you always helped me to overcome fear

my sweet soul, (now) I hear you singing
but your song is out of tune
there's no ringing, there's no rhythm
you might leave it just as soon

I wonder when you'll join the choir
whose sounds define the cosmic flow
catch the fire, feel the freedom
when we fine'ly have to go

men shrink and wither as they grow old
our steps unsteady, no longer bold
the time seems to rush past our tired mind
the future evolving leaves us behind


should I look forward
to what seems to be coming
should I look back
to what lies in the past
should I take stock
of what I achieved
or just focus on
the things that may last



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