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Vanity (from 2004)

I wrote "Vanity" in 2004 after visiting the "Kunsthistorisches Museum" in Vienna where I was fascinated by a little wooden sculpture that depicted Vanitas. Now I decided to add an acoustic version of my song to my FolkBernd setlist. The lyrics go:

Vanity, you do look old
the smooth skin of your youth got definitely stained
age spots and wrinkles where once a proud beauty reigned
there's no charm and no grace
in your old worn out face
you've lost your good looks - there is no denying
the time you've wasted is why you should be crying
Vanity, it feels so cold

Vanity, no use for gold
what once seemed important is of no use today
riches and elegance won't serve you on your way
let the past be the past
gold and silver won't last
your heirs will fight over what you will have left them
where you're headed to no-one will care for your gems
Vanity, you had been told

when you look in the mirror
you spot a disturbing shape
like a skull grinning at you
knowing there's no escape

Vanity, you look distraught
you've had all the chances a human life provides
never you seized them, instead you swept them aside
you can't call back your youth
you can't fight off the truth
your fight against time's been lost from the beginning
when the last bell chimes you'll know there is no winning
Vanity, you never fought

Vanity ...


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